Member of Supervisory Board

Armen Manukyan was born in 1965 in Yerevan.

In 1989, upon graduation from the Physics faculty of the Yerevan State University, he was awarded a diploma in quantum electronics.

1997-2001, held the position of the executive director of STK SOFT (LLC) computer company.

2001-2004, served as the executive director of VALEGRAN (LLC) computer company.

2004-2007, was the founder and executive director of GLORIA (LLC) computer company.

2007-2016, served as a system administrator at Zakneftegazstroy-Prometey LLC. In  2016 has been assigned to Head of IT and Monitoring department and has been working till now at Zakneftegazstroy-Prometey LLC.

2011-2012, worked as a system administrator at Prometey-City LLC. 2012-2014, held the position of the Head of IT department at Prometey-City LLC.

Since 2018 has been working as a Manager of Information Technologies at Prometey-City LLC.

Since July 2019 up to present-Member of Supervisory Board of Evocabank CJSC.

Married with two children.