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Cash withdrawal through Bank's ATMs and POS-terminals


Cash withdrawal through  ATMs and POS-terminals of RA banks-members of ArCa system

min 1,500 ֏ 1%

Cash withdrawal through ATMs and POS-terminals of foreign banks and RA banks - non-members of ArCa system

15,000 ֏

Card annual service fee

The Armenian "ArCa" and Russian "MIR" payment systems together provide the ArCa MIR co-branding chip card.

ArCa MIR joint card serves as ArCa card in Armenia and as MIR card in Russian Federation. It allows you to withdraw cash, make purchases both in Armenia and in Russia.

If you have an additional supplementary ArCa MIR Card as well, you can use both the main and the attached ones for fast money transfers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Particularly, you can deposit cash to your main MIR card at a cash-in ATM anytime in Russia and receive it in Armenia on your additional card within a few seconds, and vice versa.

Apply for ArCa MIR Card on EvocaTOUCH app and the card will be delivered to your address in Armenia for free.

Make payments and withdrawals both in Armenia and in Russia with your “Two in one” card!

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