Delivery of Investment Services

We offer brokerage (dealer) and securities custody services (including: mediation of services delivered by the RA Central Depositary) in the RA territory, also on Russian and global securities markets.
Delivery of Investment Services

We deliver investment services on global securities markets under the agreement signed with the leading German BAADER investment bank. In December 2010, we opened a brokerage account with BAADER, which allows us and our customers to execute transactions in securities listed at stock exchanges of London, New-York, Frankfurt, Tokyo and other leading stock markets.

Delivery of investment services on the Russian securities market is carried out under the brokerage service agreement made with BrokerCreditService company. Information on the transactions and quotes of securities listed at Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange is received online in real time mode.

We provide brokerage and custody services according to the bank's rules and tariff rates. In order to access investment services, you should open a current account submitting the documents stated herein.

ATTENTION: The RISK of investments made under your assignment and using your funds will be INCURRED BY YOU. We will NOT REIMBURSE your losses unless they were caused by the company's misconduct. Investment risk depends on the chosen investment: the country to invest in, individual rating of the country and company, economic sector, currency, investment term, the fact of being state/private- owned, and other factors.


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