Credit line provided by Visa Vision payment cards

Take advantage of the most convenient and fast version of the credit line provided by Visa Vision card.

Credit line provided by Visa Vision payment cards

Eligibility criteria

Armenian resident- individuals aged 21-60, who get their salary under the agreement on salary program cooperation or through Bank card (at least for a month).





100,000 -5,000,000





Type of limit

Revolving credit limit with minimum monthly repayments

Extract day:
1st of each month.

Payment period:
15 days from the date of the extract

Payment deadline:
The 16th of each month (if the 16th of the given month is a non-working day, the deadline is the previous working day).

Loan with scheduled repayment

Method of provision of the credit limit

Overdraft limit is provided through Visa Reward payment cards.



Nominal interest rate



AMD 16%

USD 14%

EUR 12%

Repayment period

By Card validity period but no longer than 36 months

Credit limit application fee


Examination fee for the application of the existing credit limit increase

AMD 1,000


Penalty for failure to duly repay the minimum monthly amount - 0.015% per day,

Penalty for failure to pay the accrued interest- 0.1% per day.

Timelines for decisions on approving or rejecting the loan application

·          The decision of approving or rejecting the loan application will be made within 5 (five) business days.

·          Overdraft will be provided on the basis of a positive decision by the Bank, within 5 (five) business days.

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