To enhance the app convenience and security, a user can activate the biometric identification using the fingerprint or facial recognition systems. Besides, the new app may be easily integrated with other financial instruments, making it possible for the users to manage their finances through a single app.

With the help of the EvocaTOUCH app, users can access their finances 24/7, control their cash, make fast and secure transactions from any corner of the globe, at any time of the day.

EvocaTOUCH isn't just an app: actually, it may become part of your lifestyle.

The new app offers a wide scope of features including daily banking transactions, without the need of visiting the bank branch. Without registration and service fee, the users can:

  • Open bank accounts,
  • Order cards or open a digital card in a few seconds,
  • Get a loan,
  • Place a deposit,
  • Transfer money to accounts and cards of both Armenian and foreign banks,
  • Make wire transfers and payments,
  • Make utilities payments,
  • Receive online driving fines and make payments with a single touch,
  • Make money transfers using contact data,
  • Ask questions 24/7 by sending a letter.

One of the strengths of the app is individualized bank service delivery. Owing to customer-centered approach, the Bank enables the users to customize the app to their preferences and needs.

A lot of people tend to think that it is hard and unbelievable to be creative in finances, still Evocabank has been finding out-of-box solutions for years and offering newly designed and state-of-the-art products in the market.

The new EvocaTOUCH app is one of them, standing out from all the rest owing to its newest digital solutions and features.

EvocaTOUCH is a secure and convenient app,  designed for a number of bank services  delivered through smartphones. Bearing the app security in mind, the Bank ensures the protection of the user information and operations details by means of the latest technology of coding.

EvocaTOUCH app has been built using the most recent technology trends.

The app has been written in line with the latest principles of User Interface and User Experience designs. It has two appearances: Dark or Light. It is similar to Feed on Facebook or Instagram: most important and frequently used features are on the first page: Cards, Accounts, Loans, Deposits. Users can create Templates to make wire transfers faster and easier. Bank news and most  essential products may be found in the listed stories.

EvocaTOUCH app is available 24/7 for all its users in every corner of the globe, at any time of the day.



Online and Mobile Banking

Evocabank is a fast, simple and innovative service bank, distinguished by the active use of the latest information technologies.

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