• Susanna Vanyan Customer

    A bank which is an exceptional wonder within the reality of Armenia. Only by giving this opportunity to young families to buy an apartment with such a low interest rate deserves great respect. Thanks for being here.

  • Nune Gevorgyan Customer

    Excellent service, perfect and friendly staff in Azatutyun branch. I am very thankful to the Credit Services Department, my loan was granted without any hassle - easy, fast and with quality. The service girls are always with a smile and gentle. I am already your regular customer.

  • Aram Azaryan Founder of "Indigo Branding"

    Towards a new reality - this is where we are moving, each time successfully completing yet another project with Evocabank. Having cooperated for more than 5 years, we can definitely say, that together we have gone a long way, full of emotions, creative moments and warm, friendly relations.


    We can confidently state that Evocabank is one of our most innovative and brave partners, always ready for innovations and non-standard solutions.

  • Elen Vardanyan Customer

    The best innovative and digital bank ,with the best service and staff.

  • Kamo Tovmasyan Influencer, founder of "Kamoblog" media platform

    The bank that has secured quality and dictated taste in the banking sector, thanks to a brilliant rebranding and unique working methods. From the very first minute Evocabank made us take a fresh and modern look at the once rigidly established gloomy banking atmosphere.


    Great team, unique solutions, and a truly new reality.