Invest and earn with the EvocaINVEST app

Through EvocaINVEST app you can invest in a number of international financial markets.
Invest and earn with the EvocaINVEST app

It's time for new revenue!

Evocabank offers a completely new digital product, the EvocaINVEST investment app, through which the Bank's clients have the opportunity to buy and sell securities, shares, ETFs, bonds on the financial markets of more than 20 countries (USA, Europe, Asia), without visiting the bank. You can find out about available financial markets at the following link.

EvocaINVEST is available in Web and Mobile App versions (App Store and Google Play).

You can also access the Web version of the application through Guest Mode with the following link.

From small steps to big incomes.

  • Become a client of the Bank

  • Open a Brokerage Account

  • Download the app

  • Replenish your Account

  • Make investments

  • Receive and enjoy your income

ATTENTION: CUSTOMER BEARS THE RISK related to transactions in the Financial Markets. The Bank WILL NOT REIMBURSE the client's losses, unless they were caused by the misconduct of Bank.