Customer Rights

Dear Customers

The process of accepting, reviewing and settling (responding to) complaints-claims of customers by Evocabank CJSC is regulated by the Internal Regulation on Acceptance, Review and Settlement of Requests-Complaints and Complaints-Claims of Customers approved by the Council of Evocabank CJSC.

Your rights can be protected both through the court and the Financial System Mediator. Review of the below described claims fall within the competence of the Financial System Mediator: complaints/claims of retail customers against the Bank which are related to services delivered by the Bank and involve property claims below AMD 10 million or its equivalent FX amount. Detailed description of the Financial System Mediator's operations is available at

Requests-complaints and complaints-claims can be filed:

  • By visiting the head office or any branch of the Bank,
  • Electronically, by contacting us at [email protected],
  • Via mail, at 44/2 Hanrapetutyan str., Yerevan, RA 0010 address.

For obtaining information about matters considered by the Financial System Mediator, please, visit the Legal Division of the Bank at the head office or contact at: (010) 60-55-55.

Any person may have access to copies of the below information about Evocabank CJSC with regard to: Part 3 of Article 20 and Part 2 of Article 43 of the Law on Banks and Banking (the Law is available at the website of the Central Bank of Armenia: For each page of the hard copy AMD 50 is charged. Electronic copies are provided free of charge.
Information is provided at the head office and branches of Prometey Bank within 3 (three) banking days after the receipt of written request.