Special Offer from Evoca and Art Group

Purchase a parking space at Khapantsyan complex on special terms.

Special Offer from Evoca and Art Group

Your apartment is located at 3 Khapantsyan Street and you wouldn’t know where to park your car?

Evocabank in partnership with Art Group offer a fee-free parking space at 3 Khapantsyan street (Arabkir district) – a residence complex under construction.

The borrower shall pay for the first 6 months interest rate at 0%, while for the subsequent months the interest will be as follows:

  • If you have a mortgage loan - 16%
  • If you do not have a mortgage loan - 18%

The loan amount may be:

In case you have a mortgage loan obtained from Evoca – up to AMD 6.5 million, while in case you don’t have a mortgage loan - up to AMD 5 million.

Loan repayment period is 60 months.

Take care of your comfort and your car safety now!