Big Opportunities for Your Business from Visa

Pay with Evoca Visa cards and enjoy the privileges it offers!

Big Opportunities for Your Business from Visa

Upgrade your business with Visa managing your budget with Visa Business cards! 

Visa Business cards enable one to:

  1. Make online payments for goods and services, utilities payments, housing services, business trips, air tickets, corporate events and state duties payments,
  2. Get discounts and special offers for business management services,
  3. Enjoy Visa Business Concierge services,
  4. Enjoy the privileges offered during business trips and travel experiences: travel insurance, Lounge Key, Fast Track, luggage packing for free, discounts for apartment and car rental, etc.


! Special local offers for your business

  • Up to 50% off Axdraft service fees

Axdraft is a document automation platform that helps lawyers and business teams remove routine from daily workflows.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • Free consultation and up to 15% off Astrum Consulting service fees

Astrum Consulting is a company that provides support to legal entities on registration in Canada and USA, observance of import and export regulations and general corporate services.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • 50% off PRO package from is a service which helps users create websites while indicating all possible channels of communication: profiles in Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp and in other messengers.

Offer is valid only for Visa Business cards from 01.02.2022 through 31.12.2022.

  • 50% off Perfectum CRM+ERP licenses

Perfectum CRM+ERP is a customer relationship management platform which runs the workflow. The discount is applied to cloud and box licensing.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • Another 3 months from ULTRA for a 3-month subscription

ULTRA is a modern software allowing the automation of entire trade and entertainment complexes.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • 10% off each Laba lump-sum payment

Laba is an international business school that gives an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and relevant skills in the field of human resources, business, marketing, management, finance and business analytics.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.


! Special international offers for your business

  • 10% discount on renting conference halls, business suites, coworking spaces and virtual offices from Regus

Offer is valid for Visa Business cards only during the period from 01.10.2021 through 30.09.2022.

  • 15% discount on Meet and Greet services of Global Airport Concierge in over 700 airports worldwide

Global Airport Concierge is a concierge service available in over 700 international airports to make your journey stress-free and comfortable.

Offer is valid till 30.09.2022.

  • 20% off YQ Assist service

YQ Assist is a special team of highly qualified personnel helping the clients with smooth passage through airport formalities (luggage, handover, tax refund, visa upon arrival, documentation, etc.).

Offer is valid for Visa business cards only from 01.10.2021 to 30.09.2022.

  • Special offers from Shopify Core and Shopify Plus

Shopify Inc. is a Canadian e-commerce company designed for online shops and retailers.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • 100% cashback reward from Google Ad Spend for the first USD 100 spent*

Google Ads is an online advertising platform where advertisers display ads on the Google search results page.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • 10% discount on Office 365 Business standard package

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that makes sure you always have the most up-to-date apps from Microsoft Office.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • Advertisement package of up to USD 430 on Instagram*

Instagram Ads is an advertisement tool that helps display your products for your target audience immediately in content streams.

Offer is valid till 30.09.2022.

  • 10% discount from Spaces on co-working and meeting suites

Google Workspace is a set of cloud-based tools and services that enable the companies use new tools of cooperation between companies thus improving the business efficiency.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • Google Workspace subscription for USD 4.99

Spaces is a creative location to work, check out e-mail and meet with clients. A space where you can have your lunch with a cup of excellent coffee or delicious snack.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • Advertisement package under USD 430 on Facebook

Facebook helps millions of small and large enterprises to be in touch with their clients. Facebook solutions and tools will help you achieve your business goals.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • 40% off from Dropbox Business Standard or Dropbox Business Advanced

Dropbox is a unified platform of work documents no matter you work alone or in a team.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • 30% discount on Kaspersky Small Office Security fee

Kaspersky is an international company specialized in development of software systems to protect you from computer viruses, spams, hacking attacks and other cyber threats.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • Exclusive privileges for cross-country delivery from is a US-based company engaged in shipment of packages and letters.

Offer is valid till 30.09.2022.

  • Voucher up to USD 5000 at Google Cloud platform and/or Google Maps

Google Cloud Platform is a set of services to help businesses work with various computing and web hosting tools.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • Up to 30% discount on annual package of DocuSign Business Pro

Docusign is an online document drafting service enabling the user to upload electronic signatures, documents, send them for signing and oversee the document status.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • Up to 10% discount on car rental from chain of Europcar

Europcar is an international car rental service.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • Up to 10% discount from British Council on English language courses

British Council is an organization whose level of English proficiency corresponds to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is an international criterion for English learning. 

Offer is valid till 30.09.2022.

  • 10% off Coursera educational programs

Coursera is a US-based online learning platform which enables learners to study online and obtain certificates awarded from leading US universities.

Offer is valid till 31.12.2022.

  • 25% off Udemy course fees;
  • 20% off iStock’s new subscription fee.

iStock is the web’s source of microstock photography offering millions of photos, designs, videos, audio-materials.

Offer is valid till 30.09.2022.


How to have access to the services of Visa Concierge

  • Scan QR-code or go to Telegram or Viber using  this link
  • Click Visa for business
  • Fill out the first 9 digits of your business card for authentication

After authentication, special business offers by Visa partners may be available for Visa Business cardholders. Upon authentication, you will have access also to Visa Business Concierge support service to help you eliminate your problems 7/24.

Visa Business Concierge service is free of charge.


*In national currency – at exchange rate of USD set by the relevant banking institution at the moment of payment.