Energy-Efficient Renovation Loans

Evocabank offers mortgage loans for energy-efficient renovation of apartments and single-family homes.

Energy-Efficient Renovation Loans

Save twice investing money today in your apartment’s energy-efficient renovation and getting a chance to pay less for electricity and gas tomorrow.

You will be eligible for interest subsidy (partial or full compensation) on the mortgage loan for energy-efficient renovation of your apartment or single-family home.

In Yerevan, the interest rate after subsidy will comprise 5%, in non-bordering urban areas - 3%, in non-bordering rural areas - 2%, and in bordering and mountainous areas - 0%.  

To qualify for the loan, at least 20% of the total amount of the loan for renovation of your apartment and at least 30% of your loan for renovation of single-family loan should  be directed to enhancement of energy-efficiency, such as purchase of alternative energy sources, energy-efficient construction materials, energy-saving heating systems and other energy-efficient works, while in case of single-family homes, also for insulation and coating of exterior walls.

Maximum loan period is 7 years.

Maximum loan amount for apartments is AMD 7 million, for single-family homes – AMD 10 million.