New Cooperation with Fora-Bank

Instant money transfers from Russia to Armenia and vice versa with no commission fee charged.

New Cooperation with Fora-Bank

As holidays are approaching, transfer money to your relations and friends from Russia to Armenia and vice versa - from Armenia to Russia - free of charge (at % fee) using Fora Bank’s Fora-Online mobile app.

Transfers can be performed  24/7, even on weekends and holidays, all you need is the recipient’s  phone number linked to his/her Evoca account. 

  • In order to transfer money from Russia to Armenia, you need to open in the Fora-Online app “Платежи, Оплата услуг, Переводы МИГ в Армению, Переводы МИГ Evocabank”, then enter the recipient’s phone number, amount of money and click the “Pay” button.
    The sum will be transferred to your Evoca account immediately.
  • In order to transfer money from Armenia to Russia, you need to open in EvocaTOUCHapp the “Abroad” section, click “Create” and select Fora-Bank, then enter the amount of money and recipient’s phone number tied to his/her Fora-Bank –account or card number and make the transfer.
    The fee for money transfer from Armenia to Russia is 1% (RUB 100 - 3,000). Daily limit of transfers is RUB 150,000. Transfers are executed in Russian rubles.  


The offer is in effect till May 31, 2022.

Evocabank keeps improving its services making the delivery of financial services most convenient for its customers.