Reduced Interest Rates and Down Payments on Mortgages

Effective August 1, 2018 Evocabank will start extending mortgage loans on more attractive terms which is a result of the recent revision of the bank's lending terms and conditions.

Reduced Interest Rates and Down Payments on Mortgages

For AMD-denominated mortgages under National Mortgage Company Program:

  • In case of purchase and development -10.8% compared to the previous 12%,
  • Renovation- 11.8% compared to the previous 13%.

For AMD-denominated mortgages under Housing for Yound Families program:

  • 6.8% compared to the previous 8%, of which 2% is subsidized in Yerevan and 4% - in marzes.

For mortgages to be extended from the Bank's own resources:

  • Euro-denominated mortgage loans - 7%-10% compared to the previous 8%-10%;
  • Minimum down payment:
    • Purchases on the primary market- starting 10%
    • Purchases on the secondary market - starting 15%
    • Pledging extra real property - starting 0%.

New lending terms and conditions apply for the loan applications filed after August 1, 2018.