Visa Vision Card

Look at life through the violet-tinted glasses and see the multiple benefits of Visa Vision card.

Visa Vision Card

Evocabank is presenting its new - Visa Vision – card, which comes with a number of benefits:

  • 0% fee for cash withdrawal from all Evoca ATMs,
  • Cash back rewards for all non-cash payments,
  • Interest accumulation of positive balance,
  • Credit limit – if requested.

By the way, you can choose the card design coming in two options: minimalistic white and stylish black.


Yes, it’s all real!

Vision card is a Visa Reward type of card.  Irrespective of its balance, you accumulate 4% on dram –denominated card, 1% - on dollar-denominated card and 0.5% - on Euro-denominated card.

But card benefit list is not exhaustive! 

Make non-cash payments and purchases using your Visa Vision card and get 0.25% cash back on your local payments and 0.5% cash back on foreign transactions.

You can use your Visa Vision card everywhere in Armenia and aboard – in more than 200 countries where Visa cards are accepted. 

With Visa Vision card you can:

Make online purchases

Use it as a quick, easy and secure way of payment

Withdraw cash from ATM

0% fee for cash withdrawal from  Evoca ATMs

Make purchases and get cash back across the world

Earn up to 0.5% cash back on all non-cash payments


Besides, with Evoca Vision card you can get overdraft.

How to order a card?

You can order Visa Vision card:

  • At Evocabank’s offices,
  • Through EvocaTOUCH app,
  • At website.

To get your card, you need to submit your passport and social card or ID card.

Where can you use the card?

You can use Evoca Vision card to pay at stores, cafés, and supermarkets both in Armenia and abroad. You can make purchases online with the card as well.

What is the fee for card service? 

Card service fee is AMD 300 per month.

More details on how to order and use the card can be found here.