Look around you to see how many unwanted items are surrounding you

Let us be more eco-friendly this year, use less plastic and cause less damage to the environment.

Look around you to see how many unwanted items are surrounding you

Everything around us consists of energy while unwanted items rob us of our energy. During our life we produce large amounts of waste: food, industrial waste, plastic, old clothes, old furniture, electric devices (this list goes no), most of them are not subject to recycling. The rubbish we accumulate is in direct proportion to our consumption and production which is going up each year.

Here are some tips: how to minimize the accumulation of waste according to Bea Johnson, the author of Zero Waste Home book:

  • Refuse what you do not need;
  • Reduce what you do need and cannot refuse;
  • Reuse what you consume and cannot refuse or reduce;
  • Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, reuse;
  • What is left is junk.

At first you might think it difficult to live with Zero waste but we are sure you will learn fast. Less accumulation of waste is not only good for the environment but also it improves our health, saves time and money. 

Refuse the items you don’t use, donate them to those who need them. Have a shopping list to avoid overbuying at the grocery store. In this case by making a list you won’t make excessive purchases thus avoiding further accumulation of unwanted items. Buy reusable items especially if they are made of plastic: plates, cups, bottles, cloth napkins instead of paper ones. Do not throw away the bags you used once in your shopping trip, rather, take it with you to the grocery store.

Sort your waste into paper, glass, plastic and know your city’s recycling locations.

The recent research results show that out of 6.3 billion ton plastic waste only 9% is recycled. 

How our trash impacts our planet and environment?

Waste has a considerable impact on the air composition and environment. The garbage in the waste bins release methane gas. While open burning of huge piles of garbage waste produces carbon dioxide - a very powerful greenhouse gas linked to climate change.

Electric and electronic waste may be very dangerous for environment as well. This waste causing air pollution is also called e-waste. Besides, e-waste is harmful for human health.

So, what can we do? One way to minimize the adverse environmental impact is to remove the waste by specialized organizations.