Evoca color- psychological description

Color is a marketing tool. It affects human psychology.

Evoca color- psychological description

Each color, by activating parts of the brain, causes different feelings: calmness, happiness, warmth, even anxiety. Using the psychological factor of color, brands began to attract a target audience. The right color is the basis of the success of the brand. It attracts attention, affects senses and behavior.

And what is the psychology of Evoca-color violet (PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet)

Dramatic and provocative ultraviolet is one of the most ambiguous and mysterious colors. First of all, purple is a cosmic color, it is a symbol of extraordinary and artistic splendor. It is full of different feelings and inspires individuals to find their unique place in the universe. People with high spiritual values prefer this color.

Ultraviolet is a royal color: secret, expensive, elegant and wise. It creates a spiritual connection and is cemented in memory. Purple gives a sense of freedom and flight of imagination. However, being a very unusual color, it should be used with caution.

This color symbolizes the emergence of something new, flowering, dreaminess, delicacy, harmony with one's own Self. During the psychological analysis of color, it was found that this color is more often preferred by children. maybe it's magical?
Ultraviolet is recommended for business, education, culture and art. It corresponds to those brands that are positioned as having a reputation. Evocabank's brand colors are gray and ultra-violet.


Because we want to emphasize the brand's uniqueness, innovation and aspiration to a new reality. It is bright, youthful, mysterious, motivating and gives you the freedom to achieve any goal beyond your imagination.

Many famous brands such as Yahoo, FedEx, Milka and Hallmark have chosen shades of purple as their marketing color.
Cadbury candy branding was made purple in honor of Queen Victoria, who was crazy about the color.