Visa Classic

Make contactless payments with no PIN requirement up to AMD 20,000 with your Visa Classic card.

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Visa Classic

Cash withdrawal through Bank's ATMs and POS-terminals


Cash withdrawal through  ATMs and POS-terminals of RA banks-members of ArCa system

min 1,500 ֏ 1%

Cash withdrawal through ATMs and POS-terminals of foreign banks and RA banks - non-members of ArCa system

5,000 ֏

Card annual service fee

25,000 ֏

Card annual service fee for foreign citizens

Evoca Visa Classic cards provide enhanced security of customer funds. These cards use embedded computer chip through Visa payWave’s contactless payment technology with no need to put the card in POS terminals at the points of sale. This reduces possible risk of fraud and makes each payment easy, simple and fast. Just wave your card within a few centimeters of the POS terminals and the payment will be done in a few seconds.

Your funds will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week worldwide! You’ll be able to withdraw cash from ATMs and make online payments in all the service centers and points of sale where the Visa logo will be placed.

Apply for and get the card without visiting the Bank. Just order your card on EvocaTOUCH app and follow a few quick steps mentioning the address, where you want the card to be delivered to. For you to save time, we’ll deliver the card at any point of Armenia for free.

Save your time and make secure payments with Evocabank!


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