Individual loans provided to individuals by products / Terms and Tariffs /

Personal loans secured by property (with creditworthiness assessment)


Loan purpose

Loans are designed for purchasing, ordering of goods (services) for non-commercial personal, family, household use, or for refinancing the old loans advanced by other financial institutions.



RA residents aged 18– 63 who during the loan period will not turn 63 or the loan will be shared by a co-borrower who meets these requirements.


Loan currency



Loan amount

AMD (real property as collateral)

2,000,000 – 100,000,000

AMD (vehicle as collateral)

5,000,000 – 50,000,000


Loan repayment period

For fixed interest rate

Real property as collateral

24 - 84 months

Vehicle as collateral

60 months

For floating interest rate

36 - 120 months


Annual (fixed) interest rate


Up to 60 months

61- 84 months






Real property as collateral





Vehicle as collateral






Annual (floating) interest rate





Started at 14% (fixed component: started at 5% + variable component)

Maximum 15.59%

Maximum and minimum range of fluctuation of floating interest rate

+4%, but not more than 21%

The variable component of the floating rate will be revised starting the first due date following the 24-month period after the loan origination and every 6 months afterwards using the interest rate (published on the website) applicable in the Bank at the time of revision.

Procedure for calculation of floating interest rate


Loan repayment method

Annuity or equal principal payments


Refinancing loans with other banks and credit organizations (special provisions)

In case of refinancing loans with other banks and credit organizations, the customer can be optionally provided with a grace period for the principal of up to 6 months.


Penalty for  early repayment of the loan amount

For loans subject to  regulation of the RA law on Consumer Lending

Not applicable

For loans not subject to  regulation of the RA law on Consumer Lending

If prior to the end of the first half of the contract period,  the principal repayments exceed monthly principal amounts scheduled under the loan agreement, the borrower must pay a penalty of 1% of the amount exceeding the monthly principal amount.

No penalty will be applied to the loans denominated in foreign currency.


Penalty charged for late payment of the principal and interest amounts

For past due principal amount - 0.015% per day,

For past due interest - 0.1% per day.


Loan disbursement method


Non-cash (loan amount will be credited to the customer’s card account)


Loan security

Real or movable property (vehicle):

  • The following vehicles can be pledged as security for the loan:

- Russian cars under 3 years old,

- Non-Russian cars under 7 years old;

  • If the Loan-to-value ratio exceeds 50% for real property as collateral and 40% for movable property as collateral, - an additional surety bond of at least an individual or legal entity may be required.


Loan-to-Value ratio 

Real property as collateral

Up to 70% of the appraised value

Movable property (vehicle) as collateral

Up to 50% of the appraised value of the property



Vehicle insurance if it serves as loan security

Each year to cover the amount of loan balance


Fees and charges

If the loan amount is withdrawn from the loan account, the Bank will charge a cash withdrawal fee according to the Bank fees.


Timeline for making decision on  loan application approval or rejection

  • The decision on approving or declining the loan application will be made within 10 (Ten) business days upon submission of the entire package of required preliminary documents.
  • The loan will be provided within 2 (two) business days after the approval of the loan application and completion of property pledging procedure.


Other provisions

  • The borrower and pledger should be the same individual, otherwise they should share a common budget and residence space (live under the same roof).
  • In case of refinancing the loans with other financial organizations, the fees for collateral appraisal, issuance of encumbrance certificate, notarial validation of collateral agreement and registration of collateral agreement with RA Real Estate Cadastre may be paid by the Bank if the loan amount exceeds AMD 5,000,000. In this case, if the loan amount is fully repaid during the 24 months following the signing of loan agreement, the borrower shall reimburse the above-mentioned costs associated with loan refinancing.

[1] The mentioned interest rates will be applied if the vehicle is bought and paid by the Bank. If the insurance is bought and paid by the borrower, the Main Credit Committee may decide to apply an interest rate which is 2.5% lower than the mentioned one. The same principle will be applied to foreign currency loans.