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Gold mortgage (pawnshop) loans with credit rating

Loan purpose

The loan is granted with gold pledge for the purpose of ordering or purchasing goods (work, services) for personal, family, home or other use not related to business activities.

Who can apply

Individual residents of RA between the age of 18-70, whose age will not exceed 70 years throughout the loan service period

Loan currency


Loan amount

100,000 –10,000,000

Loan term

24-36 months

Loan repayment method


Loan provision method

Cash and non-cash

Annual nominal interest rate



Early loan repayment penalty

No early payment fee is applicable


Penalty for loan principal and/or interest overdue

For overdue principal - 0,015 % daily,
For overdue interest - 0,1 % daily 

Loan to value ratio

Up to 150 %[1]

Special condition

Within the scope of the subject loan type one borrower can have maximum liability of AMD 2,000,000

Creditworthiness assessment (loan approval criteria)

· Creditworthiness assessment (loan approval criteria)

Deadlines for approving or rejecting loan provision

The decision to approve or reject the loan is made within 1 (one) working day.
The loan is granted in case of Bank’s positive decision, within 1 (one) working day.  

[1] The part exceeding 100% of the value of the pledge cannot be more than AMD 1,000,000.