Evocabank & Blend New Cooperation

Collaboration with international financial organizations helps Evoca stay committed to its purpose of creating new opportunities for its partners.

Evocabank & Blend New Cooperation

Collaboration with leading international organizations, raising capital, creating best opportunities for its partners...

Evocabank remains strongly committed to its primary purpose and mission.

Since 2022, Evocabank has been collaborating with Blend Financial Services LLC.

Evocabank is continuing its collaboration with international organizations thus creating favorable conditions for upgrading of Armenian businesses and enhancement of economic growth in the country.

About Evocabank

As a mobile-first bank, Evocabank delivers fast, simple and innovative services and stands out because of dynamic use of new technologies. For the 7th year in a row the Bank was recognized by Global Finance as the Best Digital Consumer Bank in Armenia. The Bank embraces new technologies and integrates them into its business thus offering its customers the best solutions of dynamic technology. Evocabank is the first Commercial Bank registered in Armenia in 1990. Currently, the Bank has a head office and 13 branches.



About Blend

Blend, a global investment banking advisory company, has excelled in expert financial structuring and global financing for 26 years. Our subsidiary, Blend International Limited is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). Our team comprises of 130+ experienced finance professionals from diverse backgrounds, serving over 300 global clients in 110+ countries via our extensive network of 1200+ global lenders. Blend boasts a successful mandate book size of USD 15 billion+, with disbursements totaling over USD 7 billion. Strategically situated offices in UAE, India, UK, and Kenya enable Blend to serve a diverse set of sovereigns, FIs, and corporates globally.