Donation of AMD 120 million to Fab Lab Armenia

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Donation of AMD 120 million to Fab Lab Armenia

On November 17, "The next is now" conference was held at the Dilijan Training and Research Center of the Central Bank during which Evocabank and Fab Lab Armenia signed a collaboration agreement. The Bank donated over AMD 120 million to Fab Lab Armenia to open new fab labs in Armenia.

Speakers at the conference were the RA Minister of ESCS Zhanna Andreasyan, the RA Central Bank deputy Chairman Armen Nurbekyan, CEO of Learning Learning Architects and member of Fab Lab Armenia Board Jacqueline Karaaslanyan, as well as the director of collaboration between Labster and UbiSim in Europe, Middle East and Africa: Molt Steps.

Tatevik Khachatryan, deputy Chairman of Evocabank Management Board who is a member of Fab La Armenia Board, during panel discussions mentioned: “The Bank and Fab Lab share the same vision for the future of education. By supporting this project, we will be able to introduce a new format of education in Armenia enabling our young people to learn the ways of testing and implementing their creative ideas.”


What is Fab Lab?

Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) is a smart laboratory, a work-shop laboratory created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, USA, supplied with special equipment and materials that allow the fabrication of almost anything from almost nothing. Fab Labs operate in more than 34 countries: from the USA to South Africa, from India to Norway.

Fab Labs are generally attached to an educational institution allowing teachers, artists, scientists, students, professionals, thinkers and simply curious people to conduct various types of research, tests and bring their ideas to life. The work carried out at the Fab Lab is not only related to technological innovation, but also to new business approaches to robotics, design, architecture, agriculture and healthcare.

By joining the Fab lab network, Armenia became a member of the world's best technical university, the MIT international educational giant network, and has a great opportunity to use the skills, knowledge and experience created in the network- member laboratories. This is also an opportunity to show the world the talent of Armenia.

As an innovative digital Bank, Evocabank has been supporting various initiatives in the development of the state-of-the-art technology, education, science and culture for many years. This is an important part of our corporate social responsibility.