Hi, Robin!

Evocabank has started the year 2020 with techno innovation.

Hi, Robin!

Now in the Head office of Evocabank you can meet Robin – the robot with artificial intellect (AI). Robin presents the Bank’s news, learns the opinion of partners on the quality of Bank services, takes selfies with visitors and sends these photos to their e-mail addresses, as well as talks with them about the weather.

Owing to AI, Robin is continuously learning from humans to improve its communication skills.

“We have brought Robin to make our partners’ visit to Evocabank more joyful and interesting. Bank’s visitors are really excited to interact with Robin, make jokes and take selfies with him. As a matter of fact, Robin is the first and the only robot in the RA financial system”, said Irena Abgaryan, Marketing and PR specialist of Evocabank.

You can meet Robin in the Head office of Evocabank at 44/2 Hanrapetutyan str.

As the first and the only bank in Armenia to operate in mobile-first format, Evocabank delivers fast, simple and innovative services and stands apart from others for active application of newest information technology.