Evoca Mobile POS: mPOS

Could you imagine that your smartphone may turn into a payment terminal?

Evoca Mobile POS: mPOS

Evocabank’s new mobile POS (mPOS) device will help your business get cashless payments more easily and quickly. mPOS is a mobile version of the standard POS-terminal which turns any Android device into a payment terminal.

mPOS is especially useful for those engaged in mobile businesses: open-air shops, cafes, catering services, online shops, delivery services or any other business accepting customers’ payments outside the organization’s geographic location.

To activate mPOS, a business needs an internet connection, an NFC reader Android smartphone and Evoca’s mPOS app downloaded to their device. A user can download the app from Google Play to their mobile device, if supported by Android 8.1 or more recent software program.

Upon downloading the app, you need to sign in to the app using the login and password provided by the Bank. That’s it! Now you can get contactless payments from your customers. To make a payment, the customer has to hold near your smartphone their card or an Apple Pay-compatible phone connected to Evoca payment card.


  • How do I get an Evoca mPOS?

To get an Evoca mPOS you need to fill out an online application here. Our specialist will get in touch with you, answer your questions and organize the process.

You have to open a legal entity’s account with Evocabank in order to receive customers’ payments on your account. 


  • Why should you choose mPOS over the traditional POS-terminal?

The traditional POS terminal is larger, heavier, it takes up space and needs regular charging, cash register tape, additional paperwork, while mPOS is more portable and versatile, allowing one to implement transactions in a fast and easy manner without having to be tethered to a single location.

Besides, mPOS is designed to be faster to install.


  • How does mPOS improve your business efficiency?

mPOS transactions take less time, saving your customers’ precious time while cash receipts are produced electronically.

You can simultaneously accept payments from several customers so that customers don't have to wait in one queue to pay.


  • Why is mPOS more beneficial?

mPOS service is more useful - especially for small businesses – for conducting transactions without having to invest in POS terminal and support software and without a need to pay additional AMD 10,000 maintenance fee per month.

Besides, mPOS makes it possible to avoid the risk of damaging the device and expenses related to the maintenance of the device.


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