Campaign Details

Partake in the draw and win a trip to Dubai and VIP tickets to Jannifer Lopez concert for 2.

Campaign Details

To enter the campaign, during the period of October 1 through October 31one needs to download the EvocaTouch app:

  • From App Store (for devices using iOS operating system: iPhone, iPad) or
  • From Google Play (for devices using Android operating system: Samsung, Sony, Asus, Lenovo, Huawei, etc.);

Order via the app an international payment card:

  • MasterCard Standard – annual service fee is AMD 5.000;
  • MasterCard Gold - annual service fee is AMD 15.000;
  • Visa Classic - annual service fee is AMD 5.000;
  • Visa Gold - annual service fee is AMD 15.000.

Only the cards ordered via the app will take part in the draw. The cards ordered in the manner other than via the app will not participate in the draw.

Upon confirmation of a card application, the customer will receive an sms or an e-mail message to indicate the account number to which an annual service fee should be transferred.

The card annual service fee can be paid:

  • In the Head Office or any branch of Evocabank or
    In other banks in the form of a money transfer or
    Through payment terminals (Telcell, EasyPay, Idram) entering the amount into the account number indicated by the Bank.

The customer can participate in the draw only after the card annual service fee is deposited into the account.

Participants must be Armenian residents who have reached the age of 18. A social card or a reference on its absence is required.

Under the campaign, each participant can order only 1 card.

All cardholders having ordered and paid the annual service fee during the period of October 1 through October 31 will take part in the draw. If a card is ordered but the payment is made after 24:00 of October 31, the cardholder will not partake in the draw.

The cards ordered under this campaign will be delivered to the participants after 20/10/17. The card can be received either in any office of Evocabank, or via free delivery to the address mentioned by the cardholder during the card application.

Those already having the app must update it after October 1. It will be automatically transformed into EvocaTouch app, and they can enter the campaign by ordering a payment card via the app.


For transparency purposes, the winners will be selected in a live draw on November 1, during which Iveta Mukuchyan will randomly pick the 75 lucky winners who together with their chosen person will stay in Dubai during November 16-18.


A winner cardholder can hand over his/her prize only to a family member. Pursuant to the campaign terms, family members are: father, mother, spouse, spouse's parents, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, daughter/son, spouse of daughter/son, grandson/granddaughter, spouse and child of sister/brother. In the event of handing his/her prize to any of the family members, the winner must submit to the Bank documents confirming their family relationships (passports, certificates of birth and marriage).

The winners of the draw -150 people (75 winners x 2) will:

  • Take a special flight to Dubai - on November 16,
  • Stay at The Westin Dubai, Al Habtoor City 5-star hotel,
  • Partake in Dubai City tour,
  • Visit the world's top hotels: Burj Al Arab and Atlantis the Palm,
  • Visit the famous Miracle Garden,
  • Enjoy stunning views from the top of Burj Khalifa,
  • Sail a magical cruise and dine at Dubai Marina,
  • Also attend the Jennifer Lopez concert by VIP tickets,
  • On November 18, take a special flight to Yerevan.

You can watch the commercial of the campaign here.

All costs of 150 participants associated with acquiring tickets and visa, hotel, meals, transfers, tours, excursions and VIP tickets for Jennifer Lopez concert will be borne by Evocabank. Other personal costs should be covered by the participants.

The winners will not get any monetary compensation for the prize nor get other presents from the Bank. The Bank will not be responsible for the visas declined by the embassy. In such cases the winner will decide on their own whom to turn over their prize.

The process of obtaining a UAE visa:

  1. A visa is granted by UAE Immigration office and nobody is entitled to interfere with this process.
  2. The Bank does not guarantee the granting of a visa.
  3. Any applicant can be declined by the Immigration office (without stating any specific reason) or extra documents and reviews can be required.
  4. Average timeline for consideration of visa applications is 5-7 working days.
  5. Citizens of Syria currently cannot obtain a UAE visa.
  6. Applicants with Republic of Armenia passports but Syrian roots or born in Syria will be required to submit extra documents.
  7. The validity of a passport at the time of applying for a visa should expire no earlier than in 6 months.

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