Newmag Summer Fest at Yeraz Park

On July 16th, Yeraz park hosted Newmag Summer Fest with Evoca as its main sponsor.

Newmag Summer Fest at Yeraz Park

On July 16, Newmag Summer Fest took place at Yeraz park bringing together book lovers to take part in various presentations, discussions, and open lectures.

As the main sponsor, Evocabank had a pavilion nearby and had organized a draw of Evoca gift cards, Newmag online gift cards and much-loved Vokis.

During the event, the Bank employees presented EvocaLAB educational program. It is a two-month program which provides the youth with an opportunity to acquire hands-on knowledge, experience and work skills. EvocaLAB is a free program held twice a year. More details on the program and admission application may be found here.

Evocabank has always valued the role and priority of education and regularly sponsored similar projects. Another educational program implemented by the Bank is Evoca Dibrary – a digital library located in the Bank’s Tumanyan branch at 15 Tumanyan Street. Dibrary will allow the customers to use free of charge electronic business resources as well as modern bestsellers on business available for reading in the branch office or taking them home.