Evoca Gift Card

Get Evoca Gift Card and it will become the best gift ever!

Evoca Gift Card

Christmas and New Year

March 8

Saint Valentine’s Day



It might take a week or so before you can choose a gift.

Evocabank is offering a novelty - Evoca Gift Card.

It’s a perfect gift for any occasion. The gift card with beautiful wrap design is trendy, more impressive than cash in a traditional envelope. What you need is to choose the right sum while leaving the choice of the gift up to the recipient. 

Besides, Evoca Gift Card is a perfect choice even if you don’t know the taste preferences of the recipient.

Unlike other gift cards, Evoca Gift Card has the largest coverage and provides you with an opportunity of choosing gifts out of the unlimited number of items. You may shop with Evoca Gift Card in any place in Armenia, including shopping malls, stores, cafes, entertainment centers, supermarkets, Armenian online shops.

You can choose one of the available two designs of Evoca Gift Card - Violet or Black, then put any amount on the gift card starting from AMD 10,000 to AMD 1,000,000, pick one of the best wrap designs - classic or special, that’s it! The best gift is yours.

You can get Evoca Gift Card:

  • In any Evocabank office; just visit the bank office and get the gift card within a few minutes
  • Ordering it online through EvocaTOUCH app or at In Yerevan, the card will be delivered within one business day.

Details of how to order and use the gift may be found here.