First Cardless Cash Withdrawal in Armenia

From now on Bank customers can withdraw money WITHOUT a card through Bank ATMs.

First Cardless Cash Withdrawal in Armenia

Evocabank is the first and only bank in Armenia to introduce this innovation product.

Artur Karchikyan, head of Bank Digital Business Department, states that “Evocabank customers can execute cardless cash withdrawal 24/7, through EvocaTOUCH app from their card or other accounts as well as instantaneously transfer money to their friends. The latter, upon receipt of a relevant short message, can approach the nearest Evoca ATM and immediately get the money”.

This is a useful solution for various situations. We sometimes forget our card or need to withdraw money from current account on non-business days when all bank branches are closed or you need to transfer money to a friend of yours.

To make a cardless cash withdrawal or money transfer, you need to:

  • Tap Withdrawal in your EvocaTOUCH app,
  • Indicate the needed Amount and Recipient’s phone number (if you are the one to withdraw the cash, then indicate your phone number),
  • Indicate the card or bank account, press Confirm and this is it!

The system will generate an eight-digit code which can be used by you or sent as a short message to the potential recipient. The latter approaching the nearest Evocabank ATM will be able to withdraw the money. For cash withdrawal you need to:

  • Press Cardless withdrawal in the bottom right corner of the first page of the ATM screen,
  • Fill out Expected Amount, Recipient’s Phone Number and Eight-Digit Verification Code and press Withdraw.

The money may be withdrawn within 30 minutes after getting the verification code. If additional time is needed, then the code effectiveness will be prolonged for another 30 minutes.

The fee for cash withdrawal or money transfer is 1%.

The service is available for Bank customers - individuals and legal entities.

The person who withdraws or transfers money should be an Evocabank customer, while the recipient may by any person. Cash withdrawal may be implemented through Evocabank ATMs only. Their network is increasingly growing.