Over 200 Types of Payments through EvocaTOUCH App

More Functionalities Added to EvocaTOUCH App.

Over 200 Types of Payments through EvocaTOUCH App

From now on you can make over 200 types of payments through EvocaTOUCH app, including among others, payments related to delivery services, road police fees and charges, taxes, parking ticket payments, compulsory third-party insurance policy paymnets (CMTPL policy), social network fees, also replenish e-Wallets, online games and bookmaker accounts, purchase insurance packages, etc.

Payments may be made in two ways:

With the help of Evocabank card or other bank card attached to EvocaTOUCH app, if you are an Evocabank customer,
In order to attach a card, you need to enter the required data into the Attach Card in Cards menu.


In case you are not a bank customer, you just need to enter the card data without attaching the card.
In this case you need to choose the appropriate payment in the EvocaTOUCH app and make the payment by entering the card data:

  1. Choose the appropriate payment in EvocaTOUCH app
  2. Add the payment to the basket
  3. Confirm the payment
  4. Enter the card data and make the payment.

Your payment will be confirmed in a few seconds.