Your Evocacolor dream for Christmas

What is more exciting: giving or receiving gifts? How to make a wish on New Year's Eve? What are the most popular gifts now? You will find all the answers below.

Your Evocacolor dream for Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year!

New Year's decorations, sparkling garland... Everything indicates that the holidays are approaching, bringing surprise ideas, miracles and gifts.

We like receiving gifts, but giving gifts makes us happier. A number of studies confirm it.

American researchers proved it experimentally. For a month, they gave a group of students $5 each day to use part of the money for a gift to a friend. Scientists studying the emotions of students came to a conclusion: the joy of giving lasts longer than the joy of receiving.

Choosing a gift at first glance is very easy, but we must admit that this is a rather complex, time-consuming and responsible process.

Do you know where the tradition of gift-giving for the New Year comes from?

The tradition of giving Christmas gifts dates back to Ancient Rome. It is said that the first gift was a bay leaf, which brought happiness and success in the coming year.

“I wish you a prosperous and happy New Year,” the Romans would write on New Year’s gifts.

We have chosen the five most interesting options of gifts popular in different countries of the world.

  1. The British consider it unacceptable to give lavish gifts on New Year's Eve. They will never give expensive, exclusive souvenirs or jewelry. Instead, they like giving scented candles, beautiful dolls or teaspoons. In contrast to them, Americans, for example, like giving generous gifts, attaching a relevant receipt in case the gift recipient will want to return or exchange the unwanted ones if necessary.
  2. Austrians prefer to buy necessary things for the New Year. Since the cost of living in Austria is rather high, most families prefer to get nice clothes or accessories. It is also trendy to give an invitation ticket to a gala concert at the popular Vienna Opera. Both old and young Austrians would appreciate such tokens of care.
  3. For Italians, a gift is an expression of high class and refined taste. A bottle of good wine will please them no less than, for example, a stylish bag, clothes or accessory. Italians believe that on New Year's Eve, you should get rid of old junk. And the more things you throw away, the richer you will be in the new year. That is why on New Year's Eve, Italians throw all their old things out of the window: old irons, vases, chairs, and shoes.
  4. The Chinese give paired items for the New Year that symbolize unity and family harmony. It is unacceptable to give them a watch. In Chinese culture, it is considered bad luck to give someone a clock or a watch as a gift.
  5. On New Year's Eve, the Japanese give each other "oseibo" a traditional set of gifts. It is believed that only members of the imperial family have the right to give flowers.


What are the popular New Year gifts in Armenia?

We do not have “traditional” New Year gifts.

As a rule, Armenians give sweets, stylish accessories, bags, watches and other necessary things.

In recent years, it has become popular to give a gift card which implies unlimited choice options.

While earlier people preferred to give special store gift cards, now there is no such restriction. Now gift cards can be used everywhere, without exception.

Evocabank offers the Evoca Gift Card, which is ideal for New Year's gifts, as it has attractive packaging design, is aesthetically pleasing and trendy.

The giver chooses the amount and the recipient chooses the gift.

The card is issued as soon as the application is submitted, or it is delivered within 1 working day after ordering.

What benefits will the card provide?

  • Freedom of choice
  • Beautiful design and packaging
  • Time saving
  • Avoiding wrong choices

How to order a card?

  • At any Evocabank branch
  • Via the EvocaTOUCH app
  • On the website of

Besides, you can choose the design you prefer: Violet Gift Card or Black Gift Card.

More information about the Evoca Gift Card can be found here

At the end we would like you to feel the pleasure of the festive and cheerful mood of the New Year. After all, when we talk about the New Year, in addition to gifts, we also think about dreams coming true and miracles.

Do you know how to make a dream on New Year's Eve? Here are several options.

  • Many people write their wishes or dreams on a piece of paper and then burn it with a candle. They then carefully put the ashes of the burnt wish into their glass of champagne and drink it at a minute past midnight, believing that it will definitely come true in the coming year.
  • This may sound funny, but you may write a letter to Santa. Writing about your dreams is the first step to making them come true. Every year, put a letter about your dream in an envelope, and next year, open it and see which of your dreams and goals you have achieved and which ones you still need to work on.
  • On New Year's Eve, write your 11 wishes on 12 sheets of paper and leave one sheet blank. Put the pieces of paper under your pillow and in the morning pull the slips of paper at random out of the pillow. What is written there will be fulfilled that specific year.


Remember to set goals for yourself for the coming year, take steps to achieve them, and be ready for challenges, whatever they may be.

Hoping you will have a New Year holiday full of miracles and gifts. You should believe you can and are halfway there.

XOXO, your Evoca…