Dedicating the month to Culture

Theaters, museums, cinemas, concerts of classical music, exhibitions...

Dedicating the month to Culture

May is a month of theatrical performances, museums, cinema, concerts of classical music and exhibitions. Let's dedicate the month to culture and open-air events.

Meanwhile, we will introduce you to the list of interesting event worth attending.

May 18th is a popular day in Yerevan – International Museum Day and European Night of Museums with events held across Europe. Each year the events are expanding to include more than 120 museums and art-centers. The events calendar will be posted soon.

Meanwhile, we can visit Armenian museums:

Click here to read about top-10 popular museums in Yerevan.

Do you know that there are more than 50 theatrical organizations in Armenia, such as:

  • Spendiaryan National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet
  • Sundukyan National Academic Theatre
  • State Russian Drama Theatre after K.Stanislavsky
  • State Theatre of Musical Comedy after Paronyan
  • Yerevan State Puppet Theatre after Tumanyan
  • State Chamber Musical Theatre
  • Yerevan State Marionette Theatre
  • Yerevan State Chamber Theatre
  • Hamazgayin State Theatre
  • GOR National Experimental Center of Performing Arts
  • Yerevan Small Theatre
  • Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre
  • Gyumri State Drama Theatre after V.Achemyan
  • Vanadzor State Drama Theatre after H.Abelyan
  • Artashat State Drama Theatre after A.Kharazyan
  • Goris State Drama Theatre after V. Vagharshyan.

Over the last decades international theatrical festivals are held in Armenia. So, if you decide to attend any theatre performance, find the calendar of events here.

Classical music is an important and popular component of art in Armenia. Hundreds of world-renowned musicians visited Armenia for the last decades. Major participants of Armenian classical music are listed below:

The calendar of classical concerts can be found here.

Now a few words about Armenian Jazz. It got popular during 1930s with Tsolak Vardazaryan directing jazz concerts at Moscow Cinema. In 1938, the Armenian state Jazz orchestra was organized. Today, there are a number of jazz-clubs (Malkhas Jazz Club, Ulikhanyan Club, MEZZO Classic House Club, CLUB 12, etc.) and jazz-bands in Armenia. Besides, jazz festivals and jazz day celebrations are regularly held.

Jazz calendar for May can be found here.


Going to the movies has always been one of the most popular forms of entertainment. If you have decided to spend the month with friends or family in cinemas, find the movie lists below:

As a reminder, in recent years we enjoyed in Armenia the film festivals such as Gold Apricot, ReAnimania animation films, One Shot short film, Apricot Tree documentary films and other international film festivals.

It is already a pleasure to attend open-air events in May, so find interesting open-air events below:

Stay with us to learn up-to-date information on cultural events in May!