Let’s Start the New Year with Planning

New Year, new beginnings and opportunity to become better.

Let’s Start the New Year with Planning

Hi! Did you start the New Year the right way? Are you ready to learn with us how to plan and make 2022 a year of achievements and success?

  1. So, how to start?

First, be patient and step back: you need to make room in your brain to think and outline your life path. Find a quiet place to concentrate without being disturbed and to understand what you really want.

  1. Write everything down

Take a pen and a notebook and make a to-do list. It would be better if you could split your goals into smaller ones and set realistic deadlines for them.

Don’t forget to review your list from time to time and replace with new ones or remove them at all since our goals tend to change or develop as time goes on.

  1. Always bear in mind your final goal

It should be clear-cut and tangible. Close your eyes and try to visualize it. Try to imagine or feel what it would be if you achieve the final goal. Each time when you’re ready to give up or quit your dream, repeat the exercise: it will make your path easier.

  1. Have Plan B

Failures and impediments always take place in our life. In order to avoid extra anxiety and tension, imagine beforehand the worst-case scenario and be prepared for it.  Be prepared for any outcome!

  1. Enjoy not only the outcome but also the process itself

Bear in mind that on the path to reaching your goal you will experience emotions no less. Even you can reward for a small win.

If you feel less motivated, then watch these videos and get inspired:

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If you wish to develop your planning and time management skills, read the following books:

  • Getting Things Done by David Allen
  • Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't by Jim Collins
  • 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Thinkby Laura Vanderkam