2021 has become a race for movie premieres

Moviegoers will be presented with multi-genre masterpieces, from which we have selected the most anticipated and competitive ones.

2021 has become a race for movie premieres

1. Fast & Furious 9

This film is associated with the sound of the car engine and crazy speed. All 8 films are based on one and unchanging ideology: friendship and family. And one of the main characters of the film, Dominique, takes great responsibility for the real company, considering it a part of the family. However, this time the slogan of the film changes. "Not all blood is family." A new treacherous character appears in the film: the professional killer Jacobs, Dominic's younger brother. P.S. Of course, after the death of Paul Walker (Brian), many demanded that the film not be continued, but the previous part proved that the interest in the film has not decreased.
The premiere will take place on April 28.


2. No Time to Die

"My name is Bond, James Bond". The spy in a classic suit, surrounded by charming, intelligent and beautiful women returns. Although according to the plot of the film, Bond had left his career as a spy and was relaxing on the shores of sunny Jamaica, but in order to save a famous scientist from the hands of a villain, Bond interrupts his vacation to meet us on April 2.


3․ Dune

The main character of the fantasy film belongs to a famous and noble family, which must protect the most valuable element in the galaxy, Spice, on the desert planet Arakis. Whoever rules Spice rules the universe. In October, we will find out who became the ruler of Spice.


4․ Free Guy

Don't you agree that life after 2020 needs comedies? Ryan Reynolds, who many of us know as an actor of the comedy-family genre, was a bank employee who suddenly finds himself in a computer game where everything was decided by the game characters. And, of course, the main character must save the world from destruction. Originally, Ryan's retirement date was set for 2020, but due to the global pandemic, he will probably stay there until May of this year.


5․ Jungle Cruise

1900 year. A group of adventurous travelers are heading to the Amazon jungle. Now you would think that the Amazon is the truest place to seek adventure. However, in reality, they were looking for the legendary and ancient tree of life, which has healing and reviving powers. The theme attractions of Disneyland were the source of inspiration for the film. In July, we will find out if everyone returned from the dangerous journey unscathed.


6․ Minions: The Rise of Gru

Do you miss the little and mischievous Minions, whose main desire is to find and serve the villain? And here, after long attempts, they find 12-year-old Gru, who dreamed of becoming the greatest villain in the world. This time we will see our very favorite good villain as a child. Let's wait for sunny summer days, the Minions will come then, right?


7․ The King's Man

For some reason, everyone is interested in the life of spies. A life full of secrets, unexpected events and a mysterious appearance. The King's Man is a spy organization, one of whose talented operatives is young Conrad, the son of the Duke of Oxford, whose only dream was to serve England. However, events change in such a way that he is involved in the dark and secret world of assassins and spies. We have been waiting for the premiere of the film for a long time. Let's hope that in February-March we will finally see the long-awaited film.

8․ Black Widow

Perhaps, Natasha Romanoff is the most beloved, persistent, secretive character of the Marvel film studio. We have been waiting for the film about "Black Widow" for a long time. Natasha is haunted by the dark and undiscovered secrets of her past, which she must solve before becoming an Avenger. The film will be in theaters from May 7.


9․ Morbius

The main character of the film is Jared Leto, an actor and rock musician. If you've been following her acting career, you'll agree that she instantly transforms and takes on her character. No one could have presented the character of Morbius to the audience more vividly. Insightful, sharp and sad eyes, skillfully hidden state of mind. here is the character of Dr. Morbius, who, in order to get rid of an incurable blood disease, participates in a dangerous experiment, as a result of which he becomes a charming vampire. Did you imagine... We are waiting for the premiere of the film in the fall.


10․ Chaos Walking

On an unknown planet colonized by earthlings, all the women are dying from some strange virus. Men also possess an extraordinary quality. They can understand each other's thoughts in the form of images, words and sounds called Noise. That is why no personal secrets could be kept. The hero of the film discovers a place of silence where that Noise is absent. Then he discovers people who can generate such spaces of silence around him and begins to fight against the totalitarian society. We will follow the footsteps of silence in April of this year.


11․ The Suicide Squad

All those who watched this film with the participation of the Joker, of course, were impressed by Margot Robbie's evil, cruel and invaluable ability to hide her own misfortunes with madness. Being a psychologist by profession, she prefers to transform and become Joker's girlfriend. Although the film was loved, experts considered it unsuccessful. What will we see in this part of the film? "Suicide Squad" will make hot August days even warmer. Let's wait.


12․ Top Gun: Maverick

In 1986, the action film Maverick, starring the Oscar-winning actor Tom Cruise, was considered one of the best in the world of cinema. Professional responsibility, athletic training and hard work. three characteristics that describe Tom Cruise without words. The skilled pilot, leaving the service, was engaged in the training of newcomers. But times change, so does technical progress, and when the danger is ripe, Maverick returns and demonstrates unsurpassed skill. To all those who missed Maverick, we want to say, it's not long. His skilful flight will be seen more clearly in the summer sky.


13․ Tom and Jerry

The most beloved cartoon characters of the movie world will make the last month of winter very happy by entering the movie world. To this day, there is still no clear answer whether the younger ones love them more or the older ones. Will the long years of conflict be resolved, or will the mouse and the cat remain bitter enemies? But the fact that the mouse, Jerry, must escape, and the cat, Tom, must try to catch him, that's for sure, and no matter how much it seems like it's over for a moment, everything begins again. We are eagerly waiting for the kindest and closest film about friendship and enmity.


14․ Candyman

It is impossible to imagine the world of cinema without horror films after Alfred Hitchcock. Do you like to look in the mirror for a long time at night? We suggest you leave that habit, because Candyman will follow his victim through the mirror. And if you don't believe it, you will already believe it from the middle of March.


15․ Coming 2 America

33 years is nothing when you wait for the king of some African tribe, Eddie Murphy. Why is he returning to the United States? The reason is her son, about whom she learns only after many years. Comedy lovers have to wait for March and enjoy the continuation of their favorite movie.


16. The Matrix 4

You also looked at the 3 parts of the Matrix every time and asked yourself: will there not be frozen shots in the air? Yes, Neo is back on the screens. The almighty Keanu Reeves will play the beloved character. Let's wait for the fantastic action movie at the end of this year.


17․ Mortal Kombat

The idea behind HBO Max and Warner Bros. is to make a movie based on the popular computer game. We've seen Mortal Kombat movies and series regularly, but this time, it seems, the scale is very big. Warner Bros. is preparing to release one of the most talked about movies of the year. Soon we will find ourselves in the most dangerous martial arts competition.


18. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Cute, fluffy and kind ghosts are back on the screens. They are not like the ghosts they tell about. They are loved by both children and adults. This time, two teenagers, trying to find out more about their grandfather, accidentally find the Ecto-1 car that belonged to the famous ghost hunters. Ghosts are cold and they will come in the summer.


19․ Eternals

Marvel fans will have many opportunities to be surprised and amazed this year. The "Eternals" are an immortal human superrace, which is responsible for the evolutionary development process in the country. In the film, eternals and deviants collide, genetically unstable and monstrous destroyers. And now please pay attention, Marvel has surpassed itself this time by gathering a powerful cast: Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Kit Harington and other brilliant faces of the movie world. Expectations from the film are high. The premiere is planned for this fall.


20․ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

There will be plenty of opportunities for moviegoers to be surprised this year. Marvel has prepared surprises for its fans by introducing an Asian character as the main superhero for the first time. The premiere is scheduled for July 9.


21․The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Let's imagine for a moment that the salvation of the European Union is in the hands of Ryan Reynolds, Salma Hayek and Samuel L. Jackson. To trust or not? Is that the question? Of course no. The important thing is that from August 19, a comedy-action film with the participation of talented and popular actors is waiting for us on the big screens.

Featuring bonus legendary titans!


22. Godzilla vs. Kong

The world, in which we have declared ourselves masters, belongs to them. And now it's time for an epic meeting: the terrifying Godzilla against the cruel, but gentle and kind inner world of Kong. The main question here is whose side are you on and for whom will your heart be concerned? The movie premiere is expected in March.

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