Important Information

General terms

  1. “Evocabank” CJSC (hereinafter referred as the Bank) attracts time deposits (hereinafter referred as Deposit) from legal entities and physical individuals (resident, non-resident).
  2. Deposits are accepted in AMD, USD, EUR and RUB.
  3. Deposits can be placed in cash and non-cash. Interest amount accrued on the deposit is paid in cash and non-cash.
  4. Deposit of physical individuals is placed by signing application/contract defined by the Bank and/or submitting electronic application. The application-agreement includes information on the Deposit type, amount, currency, term, interest rate and other terms as required.
  5. Deposits of physical individual depositors are guaranteed in accordance with RA law on Guarantee of Compensation for the Banking Deposits of Physical Persons. Customers can get acquainted with the amount of guaranteed deposits on the Bank’s website, Information summary of Deposits, as well as through the notice provided when placing Deposit.
  6. The deposit amount is returned on the last day of the Deposit agreement, and if the day is non-working, the payment is done on the next working day.
  7. Payment of the accrued interest is made in accordance with the interest payment periodicity mentioned by the Customer in the Application-agreement/Agreement.
  8. Commission fees of cash transactions related to Deposits are defined by the Bank’s “Tariffs and Charges”(TRM14-0002-02/1), except for Deposits in RUB. Deposits placed in cash in RUB are returned in cash in RUB, whereas deposits placed in non-cash RUB is returned in non-cash RUB without commissions. In case of returning non-cash RUB placed Deposit in cash RUB, encashment fee is charged as of the day of the return. In case of returning cash RUB placed Deposit in non-cash RUB commission fee is charged for RUB cash deposit as of the day of the return.
  9. As per customer’s request interest accrued on the foreign currency deposits can be paid out in the both foreign currency in which the deposit was placed, as well as in AMD based on the non-cash purchase rate of the foreign currency defined by the Bank as of the date of the payment.
  10. The depositor may receive loan or overdraft of 90% of the placed deposit amount with the security of the term deposit. The loan or overdraft is granted in the currency of the placed deposit with 2% interest rate added to the deposit rate. The loan or overdraft should be fully replayed by the maturity of the term deposit agreement. Based on resource involvement productivity in the Bank as well as relationship between the customer and the Bank, the Bank can accept term deposits with deviation of the subject terms and tariffs.

The bellow deviations can be made:

  1. Partial reduction of the deposit amount without applying early termination fee (without terminating the contact and keeping the acing interest rate)
  2. Apply interest rate of “Evoca Online” deposit type while placing “Classical” deposit (in the premises of the Bank)
  3. Deposit replenishment possibility without defining minimal replenishment level or volume
  4. Deviation of the deposit interest rate of +1% from the acting public interest rate (including “Evoca Online” deposit type).

Individuals with first signature class in the Bank have the authority to confirm the attraction of term deposits with the mentioned deviation. In case of attracting term deposits with deviation the right to sign the documents (deposit agreements, consents, application-agreements etc) exclusively belongs to the individuals with first class signature in the Bank.