Loans to legal entities

Revolving credit line




RA resident and non-resident legal entities and individual entrepreneurs


Working capital replenishment


Up to AMD  1,000,000,000 or equivalent in foreign currency

Provision method


Repayment period

Up to 5 years

Repayment method

Any loan granted under the credit line can be repaid in the following ways:

  • One off – at the end of the term
  • Annuity
  • Springy
  • Other schedule type can be defined with the consent of the parties

Annual interest rate

Starting from 12.5% for AMD, starting from 8% for USD, starting from 7% for EUR

Penalty for loan principal and/or interest overdue

  • For overdue principal - 0,015 % daily
  • For overdue interest - 0.1% daily

Interest rate for the non-utilized part

0 - 4 %(By the decision of the Bank's authorized body, 0% is set as preferable for the Bank in the case of existing or participating customers, in other cases, the minimum guideline threshold should be 0.5%.


  • Movable and immovable property
  • Monetary funds available on deposit or current accounts
  • Working capital, final product
  • Standard gold bars or scrap, precious metals
  • Short term bonds issued by the government or other securities


Credit account service fee in the amount of 0.5% of the loan amount, but not less than 20,000 AMD, maximum 100,000 AMD.

In case if the loan amount is received in cash, a cash withdrawal fee is charged from the bank account according to the current tariffs

State duties and other fees

  • For ratification and registration of the pledge agreement state duty and/or service fee are paid to the

RA Authorized State Bodies.

  • Valuation fee of the pledged securities according to the tariffs defined by the independent valuating companies.