Loans to legal entities

Loans provided within the framework of the third measure of the Government of RA (valid until the end of the program)




RA resident legal entities and individual entrepreneurs


Payment of salary, taxes, rental payments, duties and mandatory payments, utility payments, purchase of raw material

Limits by sectors

  • Industry
  • Construction
  • Transport and network
  • Trade
  • Accommodation and catering
  • Other branches

Up to AMD 50,000,000 

Provision of method

  • Non-cash
  • Loans can be granted in one installment or in phases

Repayment period

36 months

Repayment method


Grace period

Grace period of 6 months

Annual interest rate

12 % for AMD  which will accrue on the outstanding principal balance starting from the 25th month

Penalty for loan principal and/or interest overdue

  • For overdue principal - 0,015 % daily
  • For overdue interest - 0.1% daily

Loan early repayment penalty

Not applicable

Loan security

  • Guarantee provided by other legal entity or physical individual upon request of Investment Support Center.


Not applicable