Evocabank sponsor of Textile Academy Bootcamp 2024

Textile Academy Bootcamp 2024 is one of the unique events that combines the traditional and the modern production technologies.

Evocabank sponsor of Textile Academy Bootcamp 2024

Bootcamp is a 7-day course designed for creatives, fashion and textile designers, for both teachers and students and digital production professionals.

Fabricademy Bootcamp 2024 will be held from May 26 to June 1 due to the collaboration with Fab Lab Armenia.

During the course, participants will explore new opportunities and alternatives to current textile and apparel production systems, guided by technologists, textile and fashion designers and other experienced industry professionals hosted from all around the world.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • have practical meetings with the founders of the course and the teaching staff,
  • attend online lectures with world-renowned experts,
  • gain hands-on experience with the machines and materials used in the course,
  • meet and work throughout the week with fashion and textile industry experts, designers and industry professionals;
  • explore the culture and travel around Armenia with the locals,
  • work on joint projects with artisans and invited designers,
  • explore traditional and modern digital production.

And where there is fashion, digitization and the use of modern tools, Evoca is there.

We remind you that Evocabank is considered the sponsor of Textile Academy Bootcamp 2024.