SMART FUTURE. Evocabank To Finance Farmbot Project

The COAF SMART Center is launching its new, transformative Farmbot project, which is expected to result in big positive changes in agriculture sector.

SMART FUTURE. Evocabank To Finance Farmbot Project

Agriculture faces a transformative future thanks to COAF SMART Centre's Farmbot project, funded by Evocabank, which not only aims to improve the industry, but also provides young people with the opportunity to learn, use state-of-the-art technologies in agricultural activities and gain extensive experience.

About the Project

Farmbot project is implemented in the COAF SMART Center (Debet, Lori). It is a commonly available automated farming system that uses robotic technology to plant, water and maintain crops in a garden or small farm.

It can be controlled by software to optimize crop growth and minimize manual labor. Equipped with artificial intelligence and sophisticated sensors, Farmbot optimizes the use of resources and minimizes waste, making it an efficient and environmentally conscious farming model. Farmbot's technological integration can breathe new life into agriculture and spark the curiosity of tech-savvy youth.

Thus, by making agriculture more attractive and profitable, it will be possible to stem the tide of rural-to-urban migration. This, in turn, will allow to contribute to the growth of rural communities and support the expansion of local farms.

By funding Farmbot, Evocabank contributes to the innovative impact of the project on the learning experience of our students and the future of agriculture.

Over the years, Evocabank has supported various initiatives in the development of new technologies, education, science, culture areas, as well as provided assistance to most vulnerable layers of society. This is an important part of our corporate social responsibility.