Mastercard Gold - Gift for Mortgage Borrowers

Do you have an Evoca mortgage loan or are you going to apply for it now? Evoca will give a Mastercard Gold as a gift.

Mastercard Gold - Gift for Mortgage Borrowers

Get a mortgage loan from Evoca and a Mastercard Gold as a gift: 

  • Completely free of charge
  • With no annual service fee
  • For a three-year period. 

Apart from it, one of the co-borrower -family members will get a Mastercard Standard card, also free of charge and without annual service fee. 

Such cards will also be bestowed upon the partners and co-borrowers having performing loans.

As a reminder, Evocabank regularly reviews its mortgage loan terms and conditions to make them more convenient for its customers.

The Bank offers mortgage loans as follows:

  1. Under National Mortgage Company loan program:
  • Purchase and construction - 9-10%
  • Renovation - 10-11%*
  1. Under Affordable Housing for Young Families loan program:
  • 9%, of which 2% is subsidized in Yerevan and 4% is subsidized in provinces**
  1. From Bank’s own resources:
  • In Euros -2%-10%
  • In USD -2%-12%
  • In AMD -2%-17%***

Other types of mortgage loans offered by Evocabank, their terms and conditions can be found here.


*Actual interest rate  - up to 11.58%
** Actual interest rate  - up to 7.12%
*** Actual interest rate  - up to 18.40%