Black Friday, pink shopping

Are you ready for the Black Friday madness this year? We have a fascinating and informative blog for you to make your shopping enjoyable.

Black Friday, pink shopping

Each year on Black Friday about 135 million people around the world shop online or in-stores. And the thing is that Black Friday is not just a one-day shopping event. Recently it has become a Black Weekend, and even a Black Week!

This year Black Friday falls on Friday, November 24, but officially Black Friday sale will start on the evening of November 23rd. Shoppers are getting prepared for the Black Friday ahead of time. Some of them save money for shopping, others get loans or overdrafts to buy necessary items on sale, while others make a shopping list in advance to buy their favorite items right away clicking a single button, while the other part holds their breath and cards ready with anticipation of the big deals kickoff.  

The term Black Friday was coined in 1996 by the police because of foot and vehicle traffic that engulfed the streets the day after Thanksgiving, then it became associated with deep discounts.

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years. Black Friday is no exception. People avoiding long queues, choose to shop online, in a quiet environment. Most people believe that this way they buy really necessary goods. While in case of in-store shopping, they often succumb to emotions and make impulsive purchases in the spur of the moment that have not been needed so far.

Last year Amazon set a new sale record owing to the biggest number of Black Friday discounts. Within a few days Amazon sold millions of goods setting a new sales record of more than USD 1 billion.

Now some tips on choosing a card:

First, let's answer a frequently asked question: What cards are used for online purchases on international platforms?

Online purchases can be made using cards of all international payment systems: Visa, Master, American Express, etc. It is important to have a card that will give you extra advantages.

If you have difficulty making decision on a card, we will present the Evocabank card options and their advantages. We are confident you will find your card among them.

Evocabank has a large number of payment cards outlined here. 

Still, we have selected several cards that will make your online shopping convenient and rewarding.

Evoca Digital card is quite handy for shopping on international platforms.

Firstly, you can order it from anywhere, anytime using the EvocaTOUCH app and it will be activated within a few minutes and most importantly, you will get it for FREE until December 31st.

Evoca Digital card is a digital card of the Visa international payment system, enabling its holder to carry out all types of card transactions, the only difference is that it will not be physically with you but in your EvocaTOUCH app, and also in Apple Pay and Google Pay.

You can get an Evoca Digital card in three denominations: in Armenian drams, US dollars and Euros, and all your payments and purchases in the online domain will be immensely faster, safer and more convenient. Another important advantage of the Digital card is that if you decide to make purchases with a card denominated in a specific currency at the last minute of Black Friday, it may be activated at that very moment.

So, you are already aware that cards will be issued free of charge. The promo campaign is valid until December 31.

For more information, please follow the link.

If you want to get an Evoca Digital card, order it right away using the EvocaTOUCH app.

The next card is Visa Vision,  it will become your favorite one, why? Let’s talk about its advantages.

With the help of Visa Vision card, one can make cashless purchases and payments online and offline and get 0.25% cashback on local payments and 0.5% cashback – on foreign transactions.

Visa Vision card may be used both in Armenia and abroad in more than 200 countries at merchants' accepting Visa cards.

This means that during Black Friday you can shop online and get cashback directly to your Visa Vision card. The more purchases, the greater the cashback.

The Visa Vision card has many more features which you can check out here. 

If you want to get a Visa Vision card, order it right away using the EvocaTOUCH app.


But Black Friday deals offered are by no means exhaustive.

Evocabank has prepared discounts for Black Friday. The Bank announced a Gold Friday, as on from November 20 to December 1 you can get Evoca Gold premium cards at 50% discount, paying AMD 7,500 instead of the AMD 15,000. If you want to take advantage of the deal, follow the link to learn more details. Besides, you can order the card online.

It is well-known that Black Friday offers elevated discounts on almost everything: clothes, footwear, bags, watches, furniture, cars, phones… The list is endless.

Each of us has a favorite thing that we really want to get. The time has come, big discounts have begun, but do we have enough money for it?

For example, someone has an eye on a branded bag or a belt, someone wants to buy affordable furniture they will love, or wants to take their parents on an unforgettable vacation, or to buy a new phone, etc.․․

There are many things we wish to have but can we afford them?

We have a solution to this problem. Evocabank offers a new Action express  online loan, which may be issued through the EvocaTOUCH app 24/7, you can apply from anywhere and anytime. With this loan, you will definitely be able to take advantage of big Black Friday discounts. To get the loan, you do not need a guarantor, collateral or additional documents, and you do not even need to visit the bank and waste time in queues.

Action online loan will be approved immediately and the loan amount will be transferred to your account. Can you imagine that you can get the loan even on Black Friday and immediately buy what you have long dreamed of?

Please follow the link to familiarize yourself with the terms of the loan, as there are only a few days left until Black Friday.

Finally, we would like to tell you a real, funny story that happened on Black Friday.

In 2011, there were rumors that the Los Angeles police were looking for a woman who used pepper spray on shoppers at a Walmart store in Porter Ranch, California, who turned the Black Friday into a chaos.

To circumvent the endless lines of people, the woman took pepper spray with her and began spraying it on hundreds of shoppers in a rush to get her deal. Thus, she managed to cut the queue and make many purchases, taking advantage of big deals. The crowd in line started coughing with allergy symptoms, while the woman calmly shopped.

Have a pleasant and safe shopping experience!                                   

XOXO, your Evoca…