Children's deposit

We offer you to place “Minor Deposit” for your child’s carefree future. Minor term deposits are accepted from physical individuals conditioned of investing on the name of the child.

Children's deposit
Currency AMD USD
Limits of the attracted amounts 100,000 - 25,000.00 250 - 50,000
Interest rate 1 9,5% 4,5%
Term from 2 years up to the child reaching 18

Two years after the signing of the agreement and every next year the deposit interest rate will be reviewed, based on the interest rate of a Classical deposit in relevant currency for a term of 366 days effective as of the revision date. Payment of deposit interest or interest capitalization will be performed on a monthly basis.

You can add money to your deposit amount starting from AMD 40,000 or USD 100. The total of all your additions made within 1 (One) month cannot exceed AMD 5,000,000 or USD 10,000 (in case of exceeding the mentioned amounts the bank's relevant decision is required). During the last 3 months of validity of the deposit agreement you cannot increase your deposit amount.

The deposit amount cannot be partially reduced.

When placing a deposit with the bank, you will be provided with a free payment card without annual service fee, and if wished, it may be reloaded with the interest accrued on the deposit amount:

  • Maestro payment card – in case of placing a deposit of up to AMD 10 million, USD 20,000;
  • MasterCard Gold payment card – in case of placing a deposit equaling or exceeding AMD 10 million, USD 20,000;

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