Commission Tariffs and Rates

Cash Operations

Cash deposit

a) AMD[1]


0 - 20 pieces


21 and more piece

Each post AMD 30

b) USD


c) EUR

d) RUB,GBP, CHF and other currency


RUB 1.5%
GBP 1.5%
CHF 1.5%

e) Chinese Yuan and UAE Dirham

Funding is carried out only cashless

Deposit of 5, 10, 20, 50 US dollars issued before 2004 and before 2009 issued banknotes with value of 100 dollars*


Cash provision[2]

a) AMD

0.2 %min AMD 300 [3]

b) Other currency



0.5% min AMD 500


0.5% min AMD 500

Other currencies

0.3 % min AMD 500

Acceptance of mutilated and damaged AMD


Acceptance of mutilated and damaged USD, EUR


Acceptance of mutilated and damaged RUR


Provision of Check Books[4]

50 leaflets

AMD 4,000

25 leaflets

AMD 3,000

1 leaflet

AMD 250

Check and packing of cash current (AMD, USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, CHF)

0.1% of the checked and packed amount: min AMD 1,000

Acceptance of RA coins from non-account holding customers

AMD 0-50,000


More than AMD 50,001

1 % minimum, AMD  1,000

*Depositing up to 1,000 USD per person in 1 day is free.
[1] Deposits performed within one working day are taken into account

[2] If the amount exceeds AMD 10 mln, USD 30,000 and EUR 20,000, then cash is provided to the customer based on the application request submitted by the customer before 14:30 one day prior to receiving the amount.
In case of failure to submit an application within the specified period and insufficiency of cash funds in the Bank, an “urgent” application form for receiving cash funds to be presented from CB of RA, for which the customer is charged 0.5% of the required amount.
Within the limits of cash deposits, the cash amount is provided without any commission fee.
[3] 0% encashment fee is defined for mortgage loan provision
[4] Commissions include VAT