Commission Tariffs and Rates

Mastercard World Digital cards

Mastercard World Digital cards

Card type

Mastercard World Digital

Card currency

AMD, USD, Euro

Visa Digital  card service fee

0 AMD*

Minimum balance

Not required

Annual interest rate accrued on  card balance[1]


Issuance or reissuance of PIN-code

AMD 2,000

Cash withdrawal


From bank ATMs, POS-terminals

AMD - 2 %

USD - 2 %

Euro - 2 %

From the ATMs and POS-terminals of the banks -members of ArCa

2.5 %

From the ATMs and POS-terminals of other banks

2.5 %, min AMD 1,500

Maximum daily limit of cash withdrawal

Cumulative amount

AMD 1,000,000 or foreign currency equivalent

Number of withdrawals


Maximum limit per ATM withdrawal transaction


AMD 300,000 to AMD 400,000  (subject to ATM type)

Depositing cash at Bank’s payment terminals


Maximum limit per cash depositing transaction at bank’s payment terminals

AMD 100,000

Depositing cash (ATM CASH-IN)2  at ATMs of the Bank and other banks – members of ArCa  

0.6 %

Card account replenishment through non-cash transfer


Fee for cashless payment for goods and services


Money transfers

Card-to-card transfers between the Bank cardholders

0.3 %

Transferring money from a card to a card of other banks-members of ArCa and banks working with ArCa through H2H connectivity


Card blocking


Card unblocking (in case of wrong PIN-code or CVV)

AMD 500

Card re-issuance upon card expiry


Card re-issuance for other reasons

AMD 2,000

Monthly card account statement


Card account statement for more than 1 month transactions [3]


SMS notification on transactions

Transactions equal to or below AMD 5,000 [4]

AMD 20

Transactions over AMD 5,000


Fee for increasing the number or limits of cash withdrawal transactions


Card transaction dispute form [5]

AMD 5,000

Penalty for card overspending

20% per year

Possibility of getting a credit limit

Маy be available under the terms and conditions as defined in Lending Terms and Fees

*Up to 30.04.2024

[1] Interest will be paid on a quarterly basis.

[2] Cash withdrawal from and cash payment to Digital cards through the ATMs (ATM CASH-IN)  of the Bank and other banks -members of ArCa will be possible only in case of availability of a PIN-code.

[3] Fees include VAT.

  Minimum account balance on which interest will be accrued.

[4] The fee will be charged also for SMS notification on declined  transactions, irrespective of the transaction amount.

[5] Will be charged only in cases when as a result of appealing the transaction it was revealed that the transaction was executed by the customer or the transaction was made possible due to breach of card rules by the customer.