Commission Tariffs and Rates

Unallocated metal accounts

Account opening

AMD 5,000

Account service fee (annual)[1]


Account closure


Non-deductible balance 


Provision of transaction related statements and payment documents, with a periodicity of 30 days


Provision of copies of the statements and payment documents [2]

1-12 month old- AMD 1,000

Older than 1 year – AMD 2,000

Deposit of non-cash gold

In case of non-cash gold purchased with support of the Bank


In case of non-cash gold transferred from other banks

AMD 20,000

Annual interest rate calculated on the account balance


Provision of advice[3]

AMD 2,000

Provision of advises for audit enquires[4]

AMD 10,000

[1] The commission is charged on a monthly basis taking into consideration the daily average balance
[2] Commissions include VAT
[3] Commissions  include VAT
[4] Comissions include VAT