Commission Tariffs and Rates

Other Services

Fee for approval (documentation) of movable property (car) as pledge for a loan[1]

AMD 10,000

Application review fee of legal entity and/or individual entrepreneur potential borrower

One off AMD 20,000

Service fee for short term loans/guarantees  backed by cash flows

One off, 0.1% of the loan (guarantee) amount, but not more than AMD 30,000  

According to the decision No 205 of the Government of RA, provision of an advice on the amount of interest paid for submission to the State Revenue Committee of RA[2]

AMD 1,000

Free of charge starting from 26 May, 2021

Application fee for revision of current loan terms and conditions [3]

For physical individual customer

AMD 5,000

For legal entity and individual entrepreneur customers

AMD 15,000

Preparation of power of attorney within the premises of the Bank for authorized management of the account[4]

AMD 4,000

Commission fee for cash withdrawal and transfer through ATMs with the help of smart phones

The cashing rate of the respective account or card in the bank is applied.

Transfer from bank account to payment card[5]

0.2%, minimum AMD 50

Annual service fee of special account of the organizations cooperating with the Bank in scope of credit trade lending

AMD 20,000

Payment for receiving transaction confirmation code via SMS in EvocaTouch application

AMD 3,000 (annual)

Fee for providing paper versions of E-Signed documents to customers

AMD 2,000

[1] Commission fee includes VAT
[2] Commission fee include VAT
[3] In case if the customer did not have opportunity to advise the Bank the preferred payment day of the credit facility , then in case if the customer submits a request for changing the payment day, the subject tariff is not applied for the first time.
[4] Commission fee include VAT
[5]Transfer can be made to payment cards of banks that are members of ArCa system. The commission is charged from the transferor's account (not included in the transfer amount).