Commission Tariffs and Rates

Bank transfers

Intrabank transfers in all currencies


Interbank transfers


a) from the customer’s bank account


b) without bank account[2]

  Up to AMD 500,000  

AMD 200

  AMD 500.001 and more


Property tax payments through “Property tax base” (from Bank account and without Bank account)

AMD 300

USD (OUR)[3]

0.1% min AMD 5,000,  max AMD 50,000

USD (Guaranteed OUR)[4]

0.1% min AMD 5,000,  max AMD 50,000 + in addition additional AMD  10,000

USD  (BEN)[5]

AMD 3,000


0.1% min AMD 7,000,  max AMD 50,000


0.1% min AMD 5,000,  max AMD 50,000

Other currency (OUR)

0.1% min  AMD 10,000,  max AMD 50,000

Inquiries on the changes of the payment requisites


AMD 1,000

In foreign currency

AMD 20,000

Inquiries on the cancellation of payment orders

AMD 25,000

Inquiries on the payment investigation

AMD 20,000

Provision of  S.W.I.F.T. payment order copies [6]

AMD 1,000

[1] Payment orders submitted by 15:30 are processed by the Bank on the same banking day, whereas the payment orders received after 15:30 are processed by the Bank on the next banking day.
The process duration of the transfers in AMD within the territory of RA is 1 banking day
[2] In case of Erebuni branch – AMD 300
[3] At the expense of transferring customer  
[4] The amount is fully received by the recipient
[5] At the expense of the beneficiary
[6] Commissions  include VAT