Fund Secured Credit Line

Don’t spend your savings! We have a profitable offer to cover your financial needs!

Fund Secured Credit Line
of the deposit amount up to 90%


of the bond amount up to 70%


interest rate of the deposit plus 2%

Interest rate

interest rate of the bond plus 2%

Interest rate

Have you invested your money at Evocabank as deposit? Do you unexpectedly need some money? Just apply for deposit secured loan, and you’ll have a great opportunity to keep your savings intact.

To apply for a consumer loan you don’t need to look for collateral or guarantor.

If you have invested your money at Evocabank as deposit, we’ll offer you deposit secured credit line of up to 90 percentage points of the deposit. It’s provided within a few minutes without additional documentation requirement. Everything is simple, easy and fast.

This is a great opportunity for you to keep your savings and at the same time to get a loan which you can use till your deposit contract due date.

Save money with Evocabank!


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