Commission Tariffs and Rates

Visa Digital cards

Visa Digital Cards

Card type

Visa Digital

Card Currency


Visa Digital service fee

One-time 1,000 AMD, and for foreigners - one-time 50,000 AMD.

Non-decreasing card account balance

not defined

Annual interest calculated on the positive balance of the card account[1]

AMD 4%, USD 1%, EUR 0.5%

Cash back for card transactions[2]

In case of transactions made with POS and vPOS terminals of ArCa system banks

0.25 %

Not in the case of transactions made with (foreign) POS and vPOS terminals of ArCa system banks

0.5 %

Issuance, reissuance of PIN code

AMD 2,000 


From the Bank's ATMs, through the Bank's POS terminals

AMD 2 %

USD 2 %

EUR2 %

through ATMs and POS terminals of RA banks that are members of the ArCa system

2.5 %

From ATMs and POS-terminals of other banks

2.5 %, min AMD 1,500 

Maximum daily withdrawal limits


AMD 1,000,000 or equivalent foreign currency



Maximum amount limit of one ATM withdrawal transaction

Minimum AMD 300,000 (depends on the AGM)

Depositing cash through the Bank's payment terminals


Maximum limit of one transaction of cash input through the bank's payment terminals

AMD 100,000 

Depositing cash with ATMs of the Bank and other member banks of ArCa (ATM CASH-IN)

0.6 %

Replenishment of card account by cashless transfer


Commission for non-cash payment for goods and services



Card-to-card transfers through the website and ATMs

0.3 %

Card-to-card transfers to payment cards of other banks that are members of the ArKa system


Card suspension


Unsuspension of card operation (in case of incorrect PIN code or CVV entry)

AMD 500 

Card reissuance upon expiration


Card reissuance for other reasons

AMD 2,000

Generating a new PIN code

AMD 1,000

Issuance of monthly card account statement


Provision of card account statement for a period of more than 1 month [4]


Receive SMS messages about transactions

Transactions up to AMD 5,000[6]

AMD 20

Transactions exceeding AMD 5,000


Commission for increasing the number of withdrawal transactions or limits


Card transaction appeal application[5]

AMD 5,000

Penalties for overspending

20% annually

Credit limit facility

Available: According to Lending Terms and Rates

[1] Interest is paid quarterly.
[2] Cash back is provided up to and including the 10th working day of each month. If the amount of accumulated cashback does not exceed AMD 100 or the equivalent foreign currency, it is added to the amount of cashback accumulated during the following month and transferred to the customer's account in the following month if it exceeds AMD 100.
Cash back is not provided for utility and equivalent payments, betting/gambling websites, e-wallet replenishment and payment transactions made in financial institutions.
[3] Withdrawing cash from a digital card or depositing cash through ATM CASH-IN of the Bank and other ArKa member banks is possible only if the PIN code is available.
[4] Commissions are shown inclusive of VAT.
Minimum balance on which % accrual is carried out: AMD 0
[5] Charged only when the appeal process has determined that the transaction was made by the customer or as a result of a violation of the rules of use of the card by the customer.
[6] The tariff also applies to the SMS message sent in case of transaction rejection, regardless of the amount of the transaction.