Small and Medium Business Lending “Partner”

If you are running small and medium business and are planning to use various banking services, then this type of loan is just for you.

Small and Medium Business Lending “Partner”




RA resident individual entrepreneurs and legal entities that meet the Bank's creditworthiness standards, have or are ready to provide sufficient cash circulation bank accounts, plus actively use various banking services, provide or, according to assessment, can provide 1 million annually. AMD or more non-interest income, have or plan to sign cooperation agreements with the Bank (salary projects, POS terminal, credit sales).

Loan purpose

The loan is provided for business development, capital investment, one-off investment in working capital, payment of accounts payable and other purposes. 


Up to AMD 750,000,000 or equivalent in foreign currency

Usage method of the granted loan


Repayment period

  • Up to 60 months,
  • In case of capital investment – up to 84 months

Loan repayment method

  • Annuity
  • Springy

Annual interest rate







Interest rate approved within the range are determined taking into consideration the non-interest income expected from the customer as well as the the potential of the further cooperation.

Loan security


  • Movable and immovable property
  • Monetary funds available on deposit or current accounts
  • Working capital, final product
  • Standard gold bars or scrap, precious metals
  • Short term bonds issued by the government or other securities
  • Guarantee of legal entities or physical individuals

Penalty for loan principal and/or interest overdue

  • For overdue principal - 0,015 % daily
  • For overdue interest - 0,1 % daily

Early loan repayment penalty

  • For the first half of the loan term, penalty is applied in case of early principal payment:  5% of the amount exceeding the monthly loan amount as specified in the schedule
  • For some specific cases the penalty amount may be changed based on the decision of the Board of the Bank

Penalty for early repayment

  • If prior to the end of the first half of the loan term, the principal monthly payment exceeds the monthly principal amount under the repayment schedule, a 5%-penalty should be imposed on the excessive early paid sum.
  • In some cases the penalty amount may be changed based on the decision of a Bank competent body.
  • In case of absence of any penalties for early repayment of the loan principal, the Bank competent body can establish a higher interest rate (up to 2%).


  • Loan account service fee- 0.5% of the loan amount, but not less than AMD 20,000, maximum AMD 50,000
  • In case if the loan amount is received in cash, a cash withdrawal fee is charged from the bank account according to the current tariffs.

State duties and other fees

  • For ratification and registration of the pledge agreement state duty and/or service fee are paid to the

RA Authorized State Bodies.

  • Valuation fee of the pledged securities according to the tariffs defined by the independent valuating companies.

Guidance for determining the interest rate within the range of SME lending interest rates

  • To those borrowers who do not have significant cash flow and do not provide non-interest income to the Bank or those amounts are small the following lending rate should offered: AMD 13,75%- 14 %, USD 8,75% - 9 %, EUR 6,75%- 7 %.
  • AMD 13,5%, USD 8.5%, EUR 6.5% can be offered to those customers given that there are valid facts that the borrower is interconnected with (directly/indirectly)Bank’s preferable customer (provides non-interest revenue to the Bank, or is cooperating within the scope of other products) or engagement of the customer is driven by engagement of new customers (affiliated or partner companies).
  • AMD 13%-13.5%, USD 8.25% - 8.5%, EUR 6.25% - 6.5% is offered to those borrowers who do not meet with the criteria mentioned in the first paragraph of the given point, so called “middle segment” borrowers.

Refinancing guidance

  • In case of transfer of existing loans from other banks, transfer the loan by decreasing the interest rate by up to 2 percentage points but not less than 13% for AMD, 8% for USD and 6% for EUR.
  • For those customers who meet “Partner” lending criteria the minimum threshold can be applied for other % range taking into consideration the customer’s business profile as well as cooperation perspective with the Bank. In case of refinancing, for Bank’s preferable customers 3-6 months grace period is suggested on the principal amount
  • In case when applying for refinancing(especially in case of individual entrepreneurs) the customer requests to redirect some portion of the loan amount to his/her or interconnected physical individual’s existing loan with higher interest rate (which as per customer’s justifications were used for business purposes) , in those cases the approved interest rate of the loan to be granted should be increased by 0.5%-1% if the arguments brough by the customer are accepted and considered as reasonable by the Bank and more than 15% of the loan is redirected to the repayment of loans.

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